Lovely Full Body Silicone Baby Dolls Girl 22



Item Specifics
Doll Gender : Girl Doll
Size: Approx. 22″ / 55cm from Head to Toe, Real Baby Like.
Weight: Approximately 3.3 LBS
Material: High Quality Vinyl & PP Cotton.
Body: The Head, Hands & Feet are Made with High Quality Vinyl, the Body is Made of PP Cotton.
Hair – Pasted Wig, Soft.
Eye – High Grade Acrylic Eyes; Can’t Blink.
Eyelashes- Hand Pasted False Eyelashes, Be Careful not to Pull Them. Clothes- Suited for the Silicone Baby and You Can Change Them.
Features: The Hands and Feet of This Lovely Silicone Baby Can be Moved, and The Doll Can Sit and Lie, but Can’t Stand or Talk. She Can be Put into Water to Company Your Baby to Bath.


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