Fashion Full Body Silicone Baby Girl with Pretty Denim Skirt 22″



Item Specifics
Doll Gender : Girl Doll
Size: Approx. 22″ / 55cm from Head to Toe
Weight: Approximately 3.3 LBS
Material: Soft Vinyl, PP Cotton be Filled & Cloth Skirt
Body: The head, hands and feet are made with vinyl, touched very good; The body is used with PP cotton, very soft,suited for baby to hug.
Hair – Yellow Hand Rooted Mohair, can be washed.
Eye – High grade acrylic eyes; eyes will not blink.
Eyelashes- Hand pasted false eyelashes, be careful not to pull them.
Cloth- Suited for the silicone baby girl.
Features: The hands and feet of this lovely silicone baby girl can be moved, and the doll girl can sit and lie. She can’t stand and talk. And the cloth body can’t be put in water. Use:
1. If you are the following people: nursemaids, nursery teachers, mothers, obstetric and gynecology nurses, you must have silicone baby dolls in your job or life. The realistic silicone baby dolls will make you easier to contact with the babies in your work.
2. The silicone baby dolls can be used as the promotion equipments for maternal and baby health. They can demonstrate the characteristics of newborn babies, the size and shape are the same as the normal term infants, which are very realistic.
3. The silicone baby dolls are pretty good toys in the process of children’s entertainment.
4. They are good teaching aids for the kindergarten teacher to teach children how to wear clothes and so on.
5. More and more studios use silicone baby dolls as photography props.

People who buy it: hospitals, domestic companies, kindergartens, early education centers, parent-child gardens, personal collections, film and television companies, televisions, studios and so on.

Quality Test:
We have passed Export Quality Certification. All silicone baby dolls are made with quality soft or solid silicone. The soft silicone make the silicone baby dolls feel very good, just like babies’ skin. And the solid silicone make the silicone baby dolls put more poses.