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2 Layer Bubble Wrap Film Extrusion Machine


Product description

Machine brief description


1.Machine life 2-3 times longer than regular models.

2.Bubble Roller:Double Jacket,Inner Layer with water cooling,outter layer by vacuum sucking。Roller made by Jianda, life time more than 7 years.

3.T-Die:Made by Bozhou, Material A1.2133 imported from German.

4.Gear Box:Hard Tooth Gear Box from Guomao or Kaibo,best quality,long using life、reduce maintaince and fixing cost.

5.Screw:Zhoushan Screw, best melting, long life quality.

Parameters Table

Model JDPE-1000 JDPE-1200 JDPE-1500 JDPE-2000
Main Extruder Φ60mm Φ65mm Φ80mm Φ90mm
Product Width 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm 2000mm
Capacity 50kg/hour 60 kg/hour 80 kg/hour 100 kg/hour
Working Line Speed 12-22m/min 12-22 m/min 12-22 m/min 12-22 m/min
Main Motor 15KW 18.5KW 22KW 37KW
Total Power 48KW 55KW 70KW 105KW
Power Supply 380V/3P/4L/50Hz 380V/3P/4L/50Hz 380V/3P/4L/50Hz 380V/3P/4L/50Hz
Overal Demension 9000x3500x2500mm 9500x3800x2500mm 10000x4000x2500mm 11500x4800x4500mm
Weight 4000kg 4200kg 4500kg 7000kg

Usable Material

Bubble Film machine use material LDPE MFI=2~7 as main material,can mix with LLDPE MFI=1.0~1.5 as support material, or use recycle LDPE MFI=2~4 as base material, to make bubble film products

Story of Developing

By Year 2015, we found a material formula from Russia, which guide us to mix HDPE with LDOE for Bubble Film Manufacturing, to make film more rigid without changing thickness.

By that time such formula combination only works in our machine cause it have very high requestof both screw and T-Die and Forming Roller. Our clients proved it after testing and found such formula is very profitable in market. We public this formula free and withn that year our bubble machine sales amount reached the highest of history. Also proved our quality in a much easier way without long years’ using.