How to Care for a Reborn Baby Doll

How to Care for a Reborn Baby Doll

A reborn baby doll is such a great addition to many people’s lives. Make sure you’re taking proper care of your silicone baby doll with these tips!

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Welcoming a reborn baby doll into your home is a special event. These unique little baby dolls, with their life-like faces and features, are just begging to be loved and cherished.

Silicone baby dolls are becoming increasingly popular with people in the US and UK for their realistic look and appealing faces. Grieving mothers may find that their reborn baby doll helps in the grieving process. Doll-lovers, in general, find them to be a fun and collectible item.

These little dolls can include such features as eyelashes, mohair strands of hair, veins, and even a tiny dot of salvia. They are designed to represent real newborn babies and the detail can be extraordinary, right down to the little nails on their fingers and toes.

A reborn baby doll is expertly crafted out of durable silicone but proper care is needed to be taken to ensure the long life of your doll. By taking a few simple steps you can be sure that your baby doll remains as beautiful as the day you first adopted it.

Here we look at some of the ways to care for your silicone baby doll.

Careful Handling

The exquisite craftsmanship and intricate detail of silicone baby dolls is what set them apart from other dolls. These are artworks rather than an everyday toy.

While the baby dolls are intended to be cuddled, dressed, and otherwise handled, care does need to be taken. They are not designed for rough play. They are also not designed to be pulled at or throw around.

Prevent your baby doll from being handled roughly or from coming into contact with materials or situations that could damage it. These little dolls are flawless and perfect and you want to ensure they remain that way. Reborn dolls are designed to bring their owners years of pleasure if treated well.

As each of these baby dolls is a unique piece they should be treated as a collectible. Handle your baby doll carefully, store it somewhere safe, and don’t allow others to treat it roughly. The baby dolls can be repaired, but you may find the repair is expensive or difficult.

It is best to keep in mind that many hours of work has gone into creating each little doll. Treat your baby doll respectfully and lovingly, and take pride in the artist’s work.

Keep Your Reborn Baby Doll Away From Pets

Unfortunately, your pet will have no idea of how precious your baby doll is. A playful dog may see it as a fun toy to toss around or chew.

Ensure you place your reborn doll out of reach of your household pets. The silicone material they are constructed of is tough but it will not withstand an enthusiastic chew. If your dog enjoys chewing toys it may be very tempting for the animal to pick the doll up and treat it as one of its everyday toys.

Cats can also be attracted to the baby dolls. They make like to lie on the doll or snuggle against its clothes. This can leave unwanted cat hair on your baby doll.

While your pet may show no interest in your silicone baby doll it is better to be safe than sorry.

Be Careful With Your Doll Around Small Children

Likewise, small children will not have an understanding of how precious a reborn baby doll is. They may find it very attractive and appealing – after all, it’s life-life features make it look just like a real baby.

But little children often do not have any concept of how to treat a special doll in a careful and thoughtful manner. It is recommended that you gently show the child that the doll can be admired but it is not a toy to be played with.

A small child may have no intention of being rough with your reborn doll but sometimes their ways of playing with toys are not very gentle. By all means, share the cuteness of the doll with a child, but pay attention that they are not left alone with the reborn.

Cleaning Your Silicone Doll

Even if you treat your doll with the utmost care, it may still require cleaning at some stage. Perhaps a little dust may settle on the reborn doll or grime may begin to build up on its surface.

General cleaning sprays and creams are not recommended for use on a silicone doll. The cleaning agents may contact harsh materials that can damage the vinyl.

Lightly dust your reborn doll with a feather duster as part of your usual cleaning routine. This will be an effective way to clean the baby doll for many people.

You could choose to use a lint-free cloth to clean the crevices on a reborn doll’s face and hands. The cloth may allow you to remove areas of dust or dirt that the feather duster is unable to effectively reach.

However, sometimes extra dust or grime may build up on the reborn baby doll. In this instance, carefully remove all the clothes from the baby doll. The clothes can be gently washed in a small amount of baby shampoo or non-harsh laundry detergent.

Take the naked doll and dampen a soft cloth with a little water. Wipe away any dirt and grime, paying attention to areas where the dirt has accumulated. You may add a tiny amount of non-toxic soap or shampoo if any areas are difficult to clean.

Dry the doll’s clothes gently and then carefully re-dress your silicone baby.

Removing Tough Stains

Sometimes you may find a more difficult stain on your reborn doll that refuses to budge. If care has been taken looking after the baby doll this should not happen, but sometimes accidents occur.

Some reborn doll owners have reported success with removing stains by applying a tiny dab of toothpaste on a soft cloth. Gently rub at the mark and then rinse off. Try this method on a tiny area of the doll first.

You do not want to rub too hard or too roughly. The paint used to define the doll’s features could be harmed by over-enthusiastic rubbing.

Taking Care of Your Reborn’s Hair

Your reborn’s hair is a special part of your baby doll’s charm. The material used may be mohair or perhaps angora hair. It is soft and pretty and you want it to remain that way.

It is recommended that you purchase a brush specially designed for use on a baby’s head for your reborn baby. The soft bristles of a baby brush will not harm the hair on your reborn.

You can find baby brushes and combs at baby or infant stores. Once you have your brush, approach the combing of the reborn’s hair carefully. You do not want to be too rough or you may pull the strands of hair from the baby doll’s head.

If you find a small knot or tangle in the doll’s hair, hold the strands carefully with one hand while gently moving the brush along the hair. Continue doing this until the knots have been removed.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Extreme Heat

While the silicone used in the construction of your reborn baby doll is durable, it is not designed for constant exposure to sunlight or high heat.

Direct sunlight for long periods of time can fade your precious doll’s clothes and features. Choose a part of your house to display your baby where the sun does not fall directly on the doll.

Likewise, do not place your baby doll too close to a heater or other high heat source. The silicone can warp or melt if exposed to extreme heat. Take this into consideration when deciding where to place your reborn doll.

Avoid Extreme Cold

Sometimes your baby reborn may need to be stored. If you do need to store the baby doll, package it carefully to ensure it will not be damaged during storage. The best place to store your doll is under a bed or in a closet.

Be aware that basements, garages, and storage units can become very cold. Extreme cold may cause the silicon to crack. Choose a storage area where the temperature remains relatively stable without any extreme highs or lows.

Keep Away From Highly-Pigmented Fabrics

The silicone vinyl of your reborn doll can be easily stained by strong dyes. Ensure your doll does not come into contact with items such as brightly-colored fabrics or clothes, colored markers, crayons, newspapers, etc.

Take care when handling or hugging your baby doll. Your makeup, perfume, or nail polish can also stain the vinyl.

Above All, Love Your Baby Doll

This may seem like a long list of requirements to ensure your reborn baby doll remains safe and unharmed.

However, many of these suggestions are not hard to do. Treat your reborn doll carefully, do not allow it to come into contact with situations that could harm it, and you can expect many years of joy from your baby doll.

Reborn baby dolls are made to be loved. And after taking one look at that adorable little face, we can all agree that loving it is a very easy to do. Get yours today!

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