How to Choose a Good Reborn Baby?

Do you know how to choose a good reborn baby? Nowadays, more and more people become silicone reborn baby fans? And silicone baby dolls are very popular as gifts. The following ways will tell you how to choose a good reborn baby.

Firstly, according to your budget, if you want a unique and exclusive collectible dolls, you may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. The reborn baby made by the famous artist may even cost more. If you want a affordable reborn baby, you can choose to buy from ebay or specialised reborn baby site.

Secondly, if you want the silicone reborn baby to company your baby to bath, then you need to choose the full body silicone baby dolls . The full body silicone baby dolls are made of silicone, so they can be put into the water. If you want the reborn silicone baby to only compay your baby to paly, you can choose the cloth body silicone reborn baby .

At last, choose the material is very important, the silicone reborn baby is usally made with soft or soild silicone. The silicone is made of high quality vinyl. The vinyl is safe to make dolls. All the reborn silicone dolls in are safe to paly, huge and even to kiss.



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