The Difference between a Silicone Baby and a Simulated Baby

Many people are not very clear about the difference between a silicone baby and a simulated baby.

The following are some differences about them.

  1. The production process

Silicone babies are made by artists. Depending on the artist’s creative talent, every Silicone baby has its own unique features. Even the same mold through the creation of different artists, the final effect is also different. The simulation of the baby is mostly produced by the bulk of the doll manufacturer and the appearance of each doll are the same, the details are not cumbersome as silicone baby.

2.The realistic degree

Silicone babies are the most realistic, they reflect the artist’s creative ability. No matter from the skin, hair and details are impeccable, and simulated dolls are inferior in these aspects, there are usually no details of the skin texture and blood vessels.

  1. The purpose of use

Silicone babies are purely handmade and non-mass production, people owe them as art and collectibles. The Simulated baby is regarded as a high-end doll toys, although there is a certain collection potential, but there is still a gap compared with the Silicone baby.

  1. The price

The price of Silicone babies is relatively high, and some well-known artists can sell up to $1000. Usually they put their works on the eBay auction in order to obtain a higher visibility, and even the artist can customize according to your request for your own Silicone baby. The simulation of the baby is relatively cheap price, because it is a lot of production you can buy a lot from toys store or website.

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