The Production of Silicone Babies

Mold: This is the most critical part of the Silicone Baby Doll, which determines the shape of the doll. Simply, it is a colorless and not processing of the baby prototype, all of your creations are based on this mold. Mold is made by the prototype sculptor and mass production of Vinyl Doll model, producers can buy their favorite mold according to their preferences.

Accessories: Silicone Baby model needs eyes, eyelashes, hair, fabric, body, etc.. These accessories are selected according to the manufacturer’s preferences, such as hair, eye color, etc..

Pigments and tools: Painting is mainly used to paint the color of the baby, the baby has a special reproduction of hot air painting, color blending decides draw results. Production tools include pen, brush, sponge, hair needle etc..

The most critical step, the producers draw the details of the silicone babies’ skin through the creation of the creative skills, giving the human spirit of the mold, which is the essence of the rebirth of newborn baby.

Use painting and tools to paint the silicone babies’ color. Usually the skin of a silicone baby needs to be painted in layers to achieve the effect of a human skin. After each layer is painted, it needs to be placed in a special oven to bake in the appropriate temperature so that it can be permanently attached to the mode.

The eyelashes, eyes and other accessories are installed on the mold.

Implantation of hair, hair will need to use the tools of hair implant mode head. This process is very tedious time-consuming. It is the use of special needles to implant in the hair root, as if the human hair from the head of a root.

In the end, the fabric needs to be filled with the body. Finally, bring the baby diaper and put on carefully chosen clothes. A realistic and lovely silicone baby born to succeed!

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