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Silicone Baby Doll

Do you know that a doll is the dream of every baby? So for your baby to buy a lifelike silcone baby doll, I believe you will let him / her crazy joy. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of silicone dolls. We have nearly 10 years of experience in the production of toys and toy accessories, the main production of high-quality silicone dolls and doll accessories. Products exported to the United States, Germany, Britain and so on. We have passed export quality certification. All of our silicone baby dolls are made of high quality soft or sturdy silicone.

Our company has a variety of silicone baby dolls, you can buy real body silicone baby, rebirth of silicone baby doll, silicone baby baby girl, silicone baby doll boy, black silicone baby, African American American silicone baby, silicone newborn baby, Sleep silicone baby, silicone baby supplies, silicone baby clothes on our website, you can even customize a baby you love the baby.

If you are the following characters: nursemaids, nursery teacher, mother, gynecological nurse, you must have your work or live in the silicone baby doll. Body realistic silicone baby dolls will make it easier for you to contact your baby in your work.

Rebirth silcone baby doll is the perfect promotion of maternal and baby health equipment. They can prove the characteristics of newborn babies, its size and shape of the same as the normal term baby, which is very realistic. They are also kindergarten teachers teach children how to wear clothes good teaching materials. More and more studios use silicone baby dolls as photography props.

Therefore, silicone dolls are widely used in hospitals, domestic companies, kindergartens, early education center, parent-child garden, personal collection, film and television companies, television, studios and so on.

Silicone baby dolls make people's life more beautiful. All babies like them in the entertainment process. The silicone baby dolls help people get more contact with infants and children. So from to buy quality and cheap silicone baby doll!

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All the orders in our site are free shipping.We cooperate with one of the biggest logistics company in china, so we can ship orders all over the world.


All the silicone baby dolls’ bodies are changeable, from 10cm to 60cm. You can get your customized silicone baby doll.


Our factory use 100% Vinyl to make all these dolls, from 10cm to 60cm, also with super mini silicone baby doll.